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May 12, 2016

5th Generation of Honda CR-V Is Coming In 2017

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For the 1st time in history, the Japanese manufacturer’s SUV will have three rows of seats.
Two years ago, Honda refreshed the 4th generation CR-V model, who is on the market since 2012. By the end of the next year, the Japanese automobile manufacturer will present it’s 5th generation SUV.
The vehicle will have larger dimensions compared to the current model and will have 3rd row of seats, for the 1st time in history. In the interior it will have a built in infotainment system, and the materials will have a better quality, while the noise created by the engine will be reduced and suffocated.
In Europe, the CR-V model will have 1,5 i-VTEC turbo engines, as well as improved 1,6 diesel and 2,0 petrol aggregates. Plug-in hybrid model will not appear in the offer, apart from the regular hybrid that will, in the offer of the Japanese manufacturer.
The basic models will have front-wheel drive and a 6-degree manual gear, while the better and more expensive equipment packages will come with 4 x 4 wheel drive and 9-degree automatic gear.
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