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June 25, 2016

70% Of The Energy Will Be By Renewable Sources For EU By 2040

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The low prices of gas and coal will remain low, but that will not stop the developed western world to lean towards the renewable sources energy. The renewable sources of energy in the years that follow will continuously be developed in the western countries and it is expected that by the year 2040, 70% of the total energy they gained will be from the renewable sources. That is due to the lowering the costs of production of solar and wind gained energy, stands in the Bloomberg report named as New Energy Outlook 2016.

“The low prices of gas and coal will remain low, but that will not stop the thorough transformation of the world electrosystem through the course of the next decades towards the renewable sources of energy like the wind and the sun”, is predicted in the mentioned report.

In the past 2015, it is estimated that renewable sources of energy had a share of 32% of the created power energy in Europe.

In the United States, the hydro energy, solar energy and the energy gained from wind mills will take a leap from 14% in 2015, to 44% in 2040, while the part of the gas will dicrease from 33% to 31%, stands in the estimation from Bloomberg on the world energetic.

In the report also stands that renewable sources of energy on a world level will surpass the natural gas in 2027, and by the year 2037 they will surpass the coal as well, with exception in North America.
Also, experts claim that the demand of electrical energy drastically will increase in the following years because of the increased popularity of the electrical automobiles which slowly but surely are starting to take the domination in the auto market.

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