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August 20, 2016

A Great Archaeological Discovery: This Pyramid Might Be Older Than The Ones In Egypt

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When mentioning Egypt, probably the first thing that comes on your mind are the pyramids. But the recent archaeological discovery reveals  that they just might not be the oldest type of construction in the world. Thousands of kilometers away, in Kazakhstan, there are pyramids that, as the archaeologists claim, that are old over 3,000 years, meaning that they are built about 1,000 years before the world miracle in Egypt.

The archaeologists found the ruins of the large pyramidal constructions last year, but they kept the discovery from the public until now.
“They are built over 3,000 years ago in the place Saryarka for the local “Pharaoh”, a leader of a local powerful tribe from the bronze age”, said Victor Novozhenov, one of the archaeologists from the institute in Karaganda.
“The work on the opening of the first burial chamber will begin in a few days”, he added.

Remains of pyramids were found in the Shet district in central Kazakhstan on the right bank of the river Talda. In that area were found around 27 constructions that date from different epochs.
The biggest building has five levels of stone steps. The burial chamber is slightly over seven metres in diameter.
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