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May 28, 2016

Abacus Project: Google Plan To 'Kill" Passwords

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Soon, your smart phone will have to recognize you first, and after that step, will let you input the password.
Google is starting testing a new login method, that will replace the current password system “based on trust”. This system will monitor your typical behavior when using your smart phone.
Part of the Abacus project, named “Trust API” was presented on the Google’s development conference, and in June will be tested on a few financial institutions in the USA.



This system is developed for use on smart phones and the way it works is by constant check of the numerous personal indicators that may grant an access to different accounts, or access to the phone itself. Instead of a password, the phone will analyze your face, voice, the way you type, the way you move as well as your location.
All those results will be sent in “API” who will generate “trust results” and it will show if it is really you that uses that phone or if its someone else.



The whole idea is to make the devices more safe. Anyone can steal your password, but it would be much more difficult for someone to copy the unique way that each of us uses his or her personal smart phone. Google believes that this system would be ten times more safe than the fingerprint scanner.
The testing will start soon, and Dan Kaufman from Google says that this technology would be available to the developers by the end of this year, if the results go according to the plan. That means that remembering the passwords of all user accounts that we poses in the near future could become a past.


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