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September 8, 2016

Apple Presents – iPhone 7

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Apple officially presented the newest iPhone 7, with design that is pretty much identical to the iPhone 6 – with round edges, two cameras, dust and waterproof and it comes in few colors.
iPhone 7 is made of advanced aluminum that guarantees excellent quality, and the rumors that were spread in the past few months turned out to be true – iPhone 7 does not have a 3,5 mm aux input, but instead comes with Lightning Port.

Apple iPhone 7 comes with completely new processor – quad core A10, which according to Philip W. Schiller, is the best processor – graphic chip that was ever built in a smartphone. Because of that chip, the smartphone offers console gameplay (option is named A10 Fusion). With the new energy consumption controller, A10 processor is ten times faster, and uses only 20% of the energy of the iPhone 6. A10 improves battery life, and when it comes to the graphic performances, thanks to the A10 processor, the iPhone 7 is by 50% better than iPhone 6.

The speakers are stereo (speaker phone), one in the upper and one in the lower part, and it comes with improved bass and of course, clearer sound.  Apple AirPods are already becoming the most popular headphones in the world, claims Philip W. Schiller who also says that the headphones will connect to the phone via the Lightning Port. The headphones are actually a wireless Bluetooth headphones that charge in record time and have low energy consumption. But, what disappoints the users is the price of Apple AirPods which will be € 149 euro.
The color variations are Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold and Pink-Gold.
The “home” button is completely redesigned (as we’ve already mention in one of our earlier posts) – with TapTic engine, that will give a new positive experience while using the phone.

iPhone 7 is dust and water proof by the IP67 standards. The company had to redesign the interior of the phone starting “from scratch”, so the phone can be water proof by all standards.
On the back of the phone there is a 12 megapixel f/1,8 camera, and it is composed from six glass parts, OIS option and three times longer exposition. The new 12 megapixel sensor is 60% faster, consumes 30% less energy and 50% more light goes through the lenses. It also has TrueTone flash light made from 4 LED lights. The new image processing algorithm from Apple executes 100 million operations in 25 milliseconds and it serves for better Live photographs, as well as for photographs made in conditions with poor light.
On the front of the phone there is a 7 megapixel camera – FaceTime HD and has an advanced capabilities for video recording, picture stabilization and improved recording in poor light conditions.

Two cameras, x2 12 megapixel sensors for a twice better photo! You can adjust the depth of the picture, better zoom of the x2 optical zoom without quality loss. The camera software also got a redesign for a TelePhoto option support. This means that camera is a wide angle, while the other is TelePhoto, which can make a zoom with excellent quality.
Apple claims that iPhone 7 series has the most powerful battery than ever before and it will last longer than all predecessors.
The orders for Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are starting right now in U.S.A. and Canada, and a bit later, in the rest of the world. The first deliveries are starting around September 16th.
Apple iPhone 7 will cost as much as when iPhone 6S made it’s appearance on the market – € 649 euro for the 32 GB version. Beside the 32 GB version, there are models with 128 GB and 256 GB. The price for the iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB) will be € 749 euro, and there will also be 128 GB and 256 GB models available.
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