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March 8, 2016

Lexus Hoover Board – The Future Is Now

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Scientists missed October 21, 2015 just by a thread. Marty and Doc. Brown did come into the future, (yes they did. We have a proof! We’ve all saw them in Back to the Future) but media didn’t managed to inform us of their arrival. However, the legendary hoovering skateboard (not that plank on wheels that actually TOUCHES the ground), is here! Of course, many of the machines and gadgets we have today got inspired from sci-fi books, like Jules Verne’s submarine, or Star Trek’s PADDS (today’s tablets) and even Star Warss Holographic Communicators (today’s holograms), so then why the Back to the Future‘s most wanted hoovering board can’t be real too?

With the today’s knowledge and technology, scientists feel that they are on the right track to build the real deal.  The luxury car company Lexus claims that has a new of hoover board in development. And no, I’m not talking about that “hoover-board” on wheels that actually TOUCHES the ground. I’m talking about about non-ground-touching board.  Lexus isn’t sharing many details on how do they made this board but using magnetic levitation, as Lexus says it is, there are really only two ways to make a hover board.
The first one is of taking advantage of induction. When you put a conductive surface like a piece of metal into a changing magnetic field, this “flux” induces an electrical current in the metal. And because electricity and magnetism are inexorably linked by physics, this induced current responds with a magnetic field of its own. These fields oppose and repel each other, which can levitate objects (if the objects’ mass doesn’t fight too much with the repulsive force). It’s called Lenz’s Law.
The second is to make the hoover board use super conductors.

So-called “quantum levitation” like you see above makes use of super-chilled, super-conducting materials’ odd properties. A superconductor is a material that has exactly zero resistance to electricity and expels magnetic fields from its interior. A certain kind of superconductor, a type-II superconductor, also kicks magnetic fields out of its body, but not perfectly. Instead, tiny magnetic vortices can pin a superconductor in place, or in the air, like turning a pincushion upside down. The result is the GIF above, and the most likely way Lexus is hovering anything in the teaser.
Now, all we can do is sit and wait until it hits the market.

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