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March 9, 2017

"Copper Head" – An Unique Beer Workshop With Industrial Design

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The “Copper Head” beer workshop in Ukraine, looks like a small mystical factory. The enterrior of this industrial space in which you can enjoy in hundreds of assorted types of beers, was designed and decorated by the local architectural studio “YOD Design Lab”. The industrial atmosphere dominates throughout the entire space, with creative industrial installations and copper pipes.

This entire beer workshop is designed so that not only you can enjoy the beer itself, but also watch the entire process while it is made. The brewery is located in an old building from 19th century, built during the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The history of this facility is important on it’s own, because in 1897 it was this very same building where the first move was projected in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.
The architects were very carefull not to disturb the architectural creation neither by re-designing the facade, nor through an intervention of the interrior.

There is a bar in the basement where is also the small brewery. The entire room resembles a mystical dungeon, and the guests through a glass can see the entire brewing process. The low ceiling is completely covered with installation of white ceramic spheres that create an hypnotic visual illusion.

Through the stairs there is a copper pipe that reaches the upper floor, where the cozy industrial beer bar is located. The copper pipe from the stairs transforms into the bar’s logo, and using this element of the interior, results towards interesting and discrete chandeliers made from small copper pipes. The copper again, dominates in the element, and the wall panels are also covered with motives of barley.
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