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December 6, 2016

Cyclotron – The bicycle of the future

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You won’t see anything similar to this from another manufacturer on this planet. After more than 3 years of extensive & highly confidential development and testing, the Cyclotron is the next big step in bicycle evolution. From this point on, regular bicycles will appear like nostalgic collector’s items, we believe the Cyclotron is: “The Future of Cycling”.


All areas of our life are progressing and evolving very fast, new inventions appear literally every day, outdating the ones from yesterday. But looking at bicycles, they haven’t evolved with nearly comparable speed within the last decades.

That’s why we’ve created the world’s most advanced and versatile Smart Bike. The Cyclotron is fully connected, packed with tons of innovative features and controlled by the powerful Cyclo-App.

The Features – Revolutionary Design & Unmatched Functionality

We believe a bicycle as a “utility” that should enable you to reach your goals. Wheather it is to get your groceries, taking your kids to the playground or simply having fun riding it.

To handle these different “tasks” we made the Cyclotron the most versatile and technically advanced bike available today. During the last years working on the Cyclotron project, we’ve developed a great number of ideas and solutions that make this bike truly unique. We’re currently closer checking on more than 15 patents that we’ll plan to file for. The Cyclotron is innovative power at it’s best.

Spokeless Wheels & Utility Slots

The Cyclotron is equipped with two spokeless wheels, it is the world’s first commercially available bike using this technology.

– Space for “Utility Slots” within both wheels

– Improved aerodynamics (fully integrated brakes)

– Airless tires (solid polymer, last +6,000 mi)

– Integrated mud guards

Internal E-Gear Box & Encapsulated Drive Train

– Super fast shifts in < 0.2 seconds

– Up & Downshifts under load and while standing still

– E-Gear Box model with full electronic shifting (like a mouse click)

Integrated Smart Lights & Li-Ion Battery

All lights of the Cyclotron Bike are toggled by the Automatic Light Sensor, that switches them on/off according to the current daylight situation. This tremendously enhances your visibility when riding in traffic or on roads with no public street lighting.

The Self charging Li-Ion Battery Pack powers the Cyclotrons lights for more than 8 hours without engaging the internal dynamo. The Cyclo-App notifies you when battery is low, so you’ll never run out of power.

The Battery is located inside the seatpost and can easily be removed for additional charging with the optional Cyclo-Charger at any wall socket.

Powerful Cyclotron App & Sensors

– Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) Sensors

– Real-time cycling data for every ride

– In-App Navigation

– Track & Train with Cyclo-Coach

– Autonomous accident & emergency reporting service

– Theft Prevention & GPS Bike Finder

When the Sensors encounter signs of an emergency or accident, the Cyclotron App autonomously sends an emergency notification to get you help.

The Mission – World’s most advanced and versatile Smart Bike

The Cyclotron Bike is it’s own small universe, where technology and creative minded people can form a unique experience for every rider. It’s an open source Smart Bike Platform, that everybody can connect and contribute to, to improve the Cyclotron Universe with each day.

In order to create the foundation for the “Cyclo-Verse” we had to overcome the boundaries of conventional bikes and tear down some walls.

This is were we started our work more than 3 years ago. We quickly noticed that the possibilities for improvement were quite limited, when sticking with the “regular” bicycle platform. We questioned every aspect of the “Motion on two wheels” and investigated the latest high-tech materials and production methods from many other kinds of vehicles, by sea, land & air.

Materials and production methods have rapidly evolved within the last decade. Whenever speed & performance is an relevant issue, we always encountered the extensive use of carbon fiber in these constructions.

The Frame –  Space Grade Carbon Fiber Monocoque Construction

The Cyclotron Bike is made of Space Grade Carbon Fiber Composite, wich makes it rigid, stiff & ultra lightweight at the same time.

While sorting out the optimal production process for the Cyclotron Monocoque Frame, we did a lot of testing on material properties and identified that we could achieve the stiffest most lightweight and durable construction with a “Carbon Fiber Sandwich”.

To achieve a true Space Grade Composite Construction we combined two layers of carbon fiber with an ultra lightweight core structure. This way we can use fewer layers of carbon fiber and less resin, without impairing stability.

Advanced aerodynamic frame shape

But we didn’t stop with a light construction. To minimize air resistance, drag & turbulences, we use aerodynamic wing-shaped tube profiles. They literally “slice” through the air like a knife, when you go fast.

The tube shapes of the Cyclotron frame are a combination of Ultralight Glider Planes with the edgy lines of Stealth Jets. Paired with the advanced carbon fiber frame construction, the Cyclotron is light-years ahead of any conventional bicycle available today.

Frame Sizes

The Cyclotron is available in three different frame sizes: S, M, L for you to chose from.

When you’re right in between two sizes, you can choose weather you like a more agile or comfort oriented bike, by chosing the smaller or larger frame size.

Fully Integrated – No Cables, No Wires, No External Components

The Cyclotron is the world’s first fully integrated bike. Yes, many other manufacturers claim their bicycles also to be fully integrated, but they can’t manage to integrate the drivetrain components, like the chain and derailleur into the frame.

With the groundbreaking construction of the Cyclotron we managed to integrate literally everything. All wires and cables run inside the frame, which also results in tremendous enhanced aerodynamics, no more dirt exposure and a clean and uncluttered overall look.

NO brake cables, No shifting cables, No light cables.

We even managed to integrate the modified caliper brakes to be completely concealed within the hubless wheel housing, but still being accessible for ease of maintenance.

One Bike – Two Riding Styles

The Cyclotron Bike features two different riding styles. SPORT – A very streamlined and low-profile one for optimal speed and performance. COMFORT – A more relaxed and upright one for cruising and better comfort.

This gives you the choice of two different bicycles to pick from at any time. Just two small adjustments change the entire seating geometry of your Cyclotron bike. Just flip the bars and lower the seating height! It’s really that easy.

THE USM’s – Utility Slot Modules

One of the big advantages of the Cyclotron’s hubless wheels is the usable space that they offer. Instead of having just “swirled air” between your wheels, you can add different USM’s (Utility Slot Modules) to your bike. The USM’s are tool-less attached to the inside of your front or back wheel within seconds.

The Utility Modules can securely be locked inside the hubless wheel, when not needed, you can easily store them away, so you’re not riding around with some unnecessary weight on your Cyclotron.

From the launch you can choose from four USM’s. Within our Stretch Goals three more modules can be unlocked. You can order multiple modules together with your Cyclotron Bike by simply adding the amount to your pledge.

The Polygon Basket – The simplest way to add storage

The polygon basket is made from composite fiber and is both: lightweight and durable. The dimensions are perfectly balanced, so you’ll have a maximum space for stowage without getting too heavy when fully loaded.

Within one Polygon Basket you’ll get enough space so stow two large grocery bags or two 6-packs of water. If you mount them in both wheels it equals 24(!) bottles of water, and you still have some space left in between.

The Butterfly Basket – The most elegant stowage that can fold away

Like the Polygon basket the Butterfly Basket is also light and durable. The amazing feature is, that it can be completely folded away, to a slim disk of just 2cm thickness when not needed.

Please Note: The front and back end of the Butterfly basket will be closed by a flexible mesh, that doesn’t interfere with the folding mechanism and keeps your belongings inside the basket.

The Wingman – Innovative child seat system

The Wingman is a groundbreaking child seat system that is fixed to the back wheel of the Cyclotron. You can choose weather you like to mount it on the left, the right or even on both sides of the Bike.

When your children are still too young to pedal for themselves, it has always been a problem taking them with you for a ride. As most of the Cyclotron team has kids, they encounter this problem, too.

The “easy-to-attach-quickly-removed” solutions are often insecure & sketchy and don’t give you the confidence of having your child safely secured. On the other hand, safe and properly attached seats require a lot of time to mount and can’t be removed easily when not needed. In most cases they’re also quite heavy, bulky and hard to stow away when space is limited.

The Wingman Seat will come with independent safety test certificate, comparable to European “GS” and “TÜV”, to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

The seat is adjustable so it can fit your child from the age of  2-8 years. Underneath the seat there is a large additional stowage space, that compensates for not being able to put any Basket USM inside the back wheel, while having the Wingman attached to your Bike.

There there are many more modules to come after we shipped your Kickstarter orders. We’ve already gathered tons of ideas for a lot of cool & practical USM’s, and we hope that also the Cyclotron Community will come up with amazing ideas themselves.

The USM Maker Store – Create your groundbreaking Utility Modules

The USM Maker Store is a place where you let your ideas for revolutionary USM’s come true. Everything is possible, from 3D printed wind power generators to salmon leather messenger bags. You decide wheather to manufacture & ship by yourself, or hand the business to us.

We believe, that riders know best what riders need. So we’d like to encourage the whole community to develop their own “Utility Slot Modules” to make the Cyclotron Bike a continuously evolving organism that perfectly adapts to your lifestyle.

If you have a truly great, but yet unfinished concept of your USM, you also could team up with other makers to finish the remaining work together. These small groups can sell their USM’s as a “Maker-Group” and share the earnings. This is another way, to get your idea in front of the community, too.

The Decals – Individual Vinyl Art Pieces for your Cyclotron Bike

We believe the Cyclotron not just to be a technical revolution of gears and bolts, but also a platform for visual art & creativity. (Decal Sets starting at 49€)

The Decals for your Cyclotron Bike are printed on ultra durable outdoor vinyl, so they’ll last for years. They’re self-adhessive, very easy to apply and removable without any residues. We use the same quality of vinyl, that is used in professional car-wraping and facade advertising.

We’ll launch The Decal Creator Store, so everybody can create their very own and individual look for the Cyclotron. You can easily choose an existing design, or create your own throughout the online editor. Just upload your artwork and we’ll print & ship your quality vinyl decals in no time.

If you like to share your design with the community, you can even sell it within the Creator Store, and make other riders happy. With a few easy steps you can turn your bike into a “Rolling Art Piece” that reflects your personal style and is highly individual.

The Gear Box – We unchained the Bicycle

One of the biggest problems of regular bicycles we solved, is the exposed and vulnerable power transmission from the pedals to the rear wheel via a metal bike chain and gears.

The oily chain and gears are mandatory “collecting” dust & dirt from the road, which reduces the efficiency of power transmission with every ride.

Also the shifting components of a regular Bike, like the derailleur and transmission cables are easy prey for dirt and damage. On a regular bicycle, they have to be serviced, greased & re-adjusted frequently.

We choose to equip the Cyclotron with a Sequential Gear Box, that is the latest development for bicycle power transmission available on the market today. 

That results in NO MORE exposed mechanical components and VERY LITTLE need for maintenance. We recommend changing gear oil only every 10.000km / 6300mi or at least once a year. You don’t need to be a bike technician, there are just two screws that need to be removed.

We offer the Cyclotron Bike with tree different Gear Box Setups:

In this video you can see how easy shifting is with the 18-Speed electronic E-Gear Box. The shifting process is accomplished by a high precision step motor in less than 0.2 seconds. The paddle shifters operate with the ease of a simple mouse click.

 project video thumbnail

The Cyclotrons gear box offers up to 18 “Real Gears”, wich means that they could be used without reducing efficiency. A classic 3×10 derailleur system offers, due to chain skew and overlap, only up to 15 gears.

The Cyclo App – Take Control

The Cyclotron App syncs seamless with all integrated on-board sensors of your Bike. The data for each ride is displayed in real-time and is automatically being saved to your Cyclo-Log.

But we don’t want the Cyclotron App to be “just a nice display” on your handle bars, this is why we made it really smart. It continually learns from your habits and adjusts accordingly.

The App analyzes your rides and after a short learning phase it assists you with:

– Suggestions for optimal Gear Selection (Mechanical Gear Box)

– Fully Automatic Up- & Downshifts (only with E-Gear)

– Smart Battery Charging & Dynamo automatic engage/disengage

The Sensors – Track your rides in real time

Your Cyclotron is loaded with more than 10 Sensors that operate on Bluetooth Smart / LE standard. All relevant cycling data is displayed within the Cyclo-App while you ride, and will automatically be saved for later reviewing or sharing.

While other people need to spend hundreds of Dollars for aftermarket Sensors, that have to be installed with lots of wires & mounts on the exterior of the bike’s frame, the Cyclotron comes with pre-installed & fully integrated Sensors.

The Smart Cyclo-Coach – Get the most out of every ride

Every Backer on Kickstarter receives a 1 year Cyclo Smart Coach subscription for free with th Cyclotron bike. 

If you like to challenge yourself and take your riding abilities to a whole new level, then there is no better way to train than with the Cyclo Smart Coach. Track your rides with the App and master the challenges the coach throws at you.

The smart coach analyzes your riding abilities and adapts the training to your individual fitness level. At the end of each week you can give the coach a feedback weather the number of workouts and intensity was manageable.

 You can donate on their Kickstarter campaign here!

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