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August 21, 2016

Fifth Force Discovered: Will the laws of physics be re-written?

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The scientists of University of California believe that they have discovered a fifth basic force of nature.
Scientists thing that the possible discovery of the so far unknown sub-atomic particle could finally solve the, so called dark matter.
The newly discovered boson possesses at the moment unseen characteristics that further more open the question on if the sector of the matter exists at the same time and on the same place with the ‘dark’ sector, with whom reacts with invisible force.

„If this proves to be true, then this will really mean something revolutionary“, said Jonathan Feng, professor in physics and astronomy at the University of California.
„With decades we know of four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, week and strong nuclear force. If this is experimentally confirmed, the discovery of the fifth fundamental force will completely and thoroughly change our understanding of the universe“, explained Feng.

The scientists of the University of California came to this discovery while studying last years studies of the Hungarian academy of sciences in which they noticed an anomaly in the radioactive particles decomposition, which gave a clue that there must be a unknown particle that is 30 times heavier than the electron.
The experiments didn’t confirmed the discovery of the Hungarians, but led the american team to set a new theory which says that the anomaly is responsible for the fifth basic force and that the unknown particle is in fact a “dark photon”, i.e. photophobic x boson.
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