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April 21, 2017

Final Destination 1-5 (2000-2011)

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Final Destination is an American horror franchise composed of five films, comic books and novels. It is based on an unproduced spec script by Jeffrey Reddick, originally written for the X-Files television series, and was distributed by New Line Cinema. All five films center around a small group of people who escape impending death when one individual (the protagonist of each film) has a sudden premonition and warns them that they will all die in a terrible mass-casualty accident. After evading their foretold deaths, the survivors are killed one by one in bizarre accidents caused by an unseen force engineering complicated chains of cause and effect, resembling Rube Goldberg machines in their complexity.
The series is noteworthy among other films in the horror genre in that the antagonist is not a stereotypical slasher or other physical being, but Death itself, subtly manipulating circumstances in the environment with a design on claiming anyone who escapes their fated demise.


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