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March 9, 2016

Future pilots need to know this!

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First let me say hello! I have been a Pilot since the year 2000! A lot of people asked me the same question over and over again! Now I have the time and I will explain the basics of becoming a Pilot, not a military but a  civilian airliner Pilot! Before you start thinking about becoming one of us there are few things you need to know! First is that you must complete your high school! That is the MOST IMPORTANT PART! Learn Physics, and not just to pass, but to learn it! Second is the medical! OK, let me make you a check list!!!

  1. Well first of all you need to want this type of job!
  2. You need to be healthy and to be good, and I mean really good in physics and mathematics!
  3. If you do good on the points above, you need to know that the responsibility you will carry in the future is yours alone and the captain or copilot won’t be there for you to help you. Basically you have more than 50 people flying in your plane and only you are the one responsible for their lives! (even driving a car gives me the shivers when I have passengers)
  4. If you can comprehend this I can tell you some more things that can and will be on your side while and after finishing your PPL or Private Pilot Licence that will cost you approximately 3000 euro in Europe, or 2500 USD in the States. That is the FIRST step after the medical and the INTRO test!
  5. After all of this you can make a choice. Do you want to fly for your self or fly for a company, or be an instructor, or …well you know what I mean!
  6. CPL. Commercial Pilot Licence!
  7. IFR. Instrumental Flight Regulations!
  8. And if you can pass the above you are faced with the ATPL. Let me put a brief explanation about this! It’s not TOP GUN! It’s not a GAME! It’s a CHOICE! And nothing from this gives you a Guarantee that you will find a job! But in any way if you come so far, don’t be discouraged! There are always people that need a PILOT!  (p.s. you need to learn a lot and learn all your life! )

If you really want this kind of dedication or need some information, feel free to write to us! I will be more than happy to explain to you everything!
P.S. To all the GIRLS out there: In British Airways there are more than 64% Girl pilots than Man 🙂

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