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April 10, 2016

Guinness Record: Drift at 304,96 Km / H

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The new Guinness record in the fastest drift category was set by a specially designed MY16 Nissan GT-R. The driver Masato Kawabata from Japan, successfully drifted at speed of 304,96 Km / h, (approx 190 Mph).
The international airport Fujairah’s landing track, in the U.A. Emirates, was shortly closed so that the Japanese champion Masato Kawabata can do an attempt and beat the Jakub Przugonski’s record, from Poland.
The three day preparations resulted as a success, which by the Guinness rules, the record can be bested only within three tries. Besides Kawabata, a great deal of the job was done by the team of engineers who adjusted the Nissan, so that it enters “drift mode” more effectively, meaning, the car was set to remain stable enough at that such a great speed.
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