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February 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Pro.Net.MK! Thank you all!

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We started this project one year ago, with an idea for the people to have a place for fun, entertainment, ideas, music, technology, education, inspiration… without indulging politics, sad news or bad influence!

We were never hoping for this much visitors in this short period of time and thank you all how follow us regularly and like us!

It turns out there a lot more people who are more interested in having fun, learning something or want to read quality content and we are here for all of them!

Right now we have reached around 345 000 people and we now we know we can grow even more.

We won’t stop informing you about the new technologies that come up every they, new scientific achievements, inspiring stories and movies and series that you should defiantly watch!

We even started streaming games that we love to play so you can follow them also and we plan to put even more gaming content!

Thank you ALL!!!!


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