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March 28, 2017

Here's An offer that you can't refuse: One day in the Shoes of Don Corleone

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“Anti-Mafia Mafia“ is the name of the tourist tour organized by the agency Easy Trapani, that caused pretty huge interest amongst the visitors and tourists in Sicily. We are talking about half day and full daily tours along the west coast of this italian island, that will introduce you to the history and the influence of Cosa Nostra. The tour manager Gianni Grillo, insists that the main goal of this tour is to rise the awareness about the crimes that the mafia has been conducting in the italian society since 1860.

The mafia-themed tours will include a traditional Sicilian meal, and visits to houses lived in by clan members, the sicilian mafia museum in the Salemi comune, as well as the Corelone town that made Marlon Brando and Al Pacino famous in the “The Godfather” movies.

The full-day tour programme will dive more deeply into the world of the mafia, exploring its different facets. The agency says that tourists will discover the city of origin of the most important mafia families and scenes of some of the most dramatic events related to the organisation. Tourists also will have the opportunity to meet local journalists that are active in the fight against organized crime on the island. During the tour, the tour manager Gianni Grillo reveals unknown details about the life of the sicilian mobsters.


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