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August 29, 2016

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To WhatsApp?

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The new privacy policy reveals that WhatsApp and Facebook, but other social networks as well exchange our private information. For the first time in four years, WhatsApp changed it’s privacy policy, and they stated right away that all the message exchanges via this network remain encrypted, which means that the messages can be red only by you and the persons that you communicate with, but…
In the amended privacy policy document states that WhatsApp will allow deviate of the personal and other information to their users in the Facebook network, such as telephone numbers.

In that way, as they say from WhatsApp, the People You May Know option on the Facebook network will be upgraded, but it is ‘clear as a day’ that this way of personal information exchange between WhatsApp and Facebook is done mostly because of the ads. This means that on WhatsApp there will be payed, i.e. ‘sponsored’ profiles (from Facebook) that will allow brands, stores and such to communicate directly with the WhatsApp users.
From WhatsApp say that, they will be exchanging messages with the Facebook network, and as well as with other “sister companies” like Oculus, Instagram and Boomerang and other apps in property of Mark Zuckerberg and his closest business partners.

All the information that will be exchanged with Facebook and other social networks wont be visible for the other users, i.e. they wont be published, and they could and would be used to fight the “spam” messages, social network abuse and similar.

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