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March 1, 2016

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 8

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Gymkhana 8 – Ken Block Takes it to the Streets of DUBAI If you’ve never found yourself speechless before, we encourage you to feast your eyes on the latest drop from Ken Block and Crew. We’re pretty darn close to that speechless point, but will try to muster up a little something anyway. If you know cars, you probably know Gymkhana. If you’re in the minority who isn’t quite sure what we’re talking about yet, then you got here at just the right time to see the pinnacle of the most killer drifting-meets-rally experience that you’ve ever laid eyes on. With Gymkhana, the series has evolved from a behind the scenes of a practice session to a major production, killing tires in the streets of big cities like Los Angeles and taking over the pages of the web at the same time. In this rendition, we head to Dubai with Ken Block to tackle Gymkhana 8 head on in another run that somehow manages to top a seemingly insurmountable display in Gymkhana 7. Without giving too much away, we’ll tell you this- You can expect to see a Ford Raptor being drifted around while said Raptor is on two wheels and even more impressively, a moving Boeing 747 is used in an off the wall driving sequence. The Ford Focus that Block finds himself behind the wheel of yet again works incredibly hard, spitting out RPM left and right to carry out some of the most insane driving sequences that you never even thought possible. Watch Block get to work in the full feature below, but be warned because driving like this isn’t for just anybody. The faint of heart might have some trouble getting through this adrenaline packed action driving flick.

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