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April 6, 2016

Do You Know How E-Mail Was Being Sent Back In 1984?

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Today, sending an e-mail is just a few clicks and seconds away, but, how was it done when all of the technology that we know today, was at it’s beginning? It seems that it took way too much effort, and that whole process was considered “extremely easy”.
The technology development is taking it’s course faster and faster as time passes by. Some software and hardware solutions, that used to be considered ‘advanced’, today seem like ancient history. That is why there is no wonder that the process of sending an regular e-mail in the 80’s, today would be considered a nightmare.
The London Thames TV, recently went deeper into it’s archives and managed to dig up a footage about how e-mail used to be sent. The enthusiasts back then called this process ‘extremely simple’, even tho it required re-wiring cables, rotary telephone usage and some input commands that don’t quite look simple.

At first, you were suppose to re-wire a modem and after that re-wire a Prestel network by using a rotary telephone. After that was done, the user could log on “Micronet 800” service.
We recommend that you watch this 6 min footage, and after that, believe me, you’d be glad for today’s tech.

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