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August 31, 2016

Lamborghini Cectenario Roadster: Only 20 People Will Drive This Beast

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Presented in honor to celebrate a century since the birth of Frugi Lamborghini, the visionary and founder of this world famous automobile brand. Since few months ago Lamborghini presented the ‘brutal’ Centenario, but at that time that was a ‘standard’ version, i.e. the version with hard roof. This time Lamborghini presented to the public it’s ‘topless’ version of the most brutal car that has ever left the factory in Santa Agatha.
Considering that anniversaries like this one, aren’t quite common, Lamborghini prepared really well to celebrate this one in a style just as it fits to a gentleman like Frugi Lamborghini.

The result is a true monster that comes in ultra limited edition of only 20 cars. But, even if you happen to have an extra $2.000.000 american dollars on your bank account, as much as this car costs, we will have to disappoint you because the Centenario Roadster is already sold out in a record time.

This might not be quite surprising, because considering what all this monster has to offer, the richest people would easily pay the two millions for this quite exquisite specimen. The technological perfection of the 6.5-Litre V12 by Lamborghini delivers 770 horsepower which is quite enough for Centenario to reach „a hundred“ in just 2,9 seconds, but it wont stop until it reaches his maximum of 350 km/h ( or 217 Mph).

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