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June 17, 2016

Last Rites (1999)

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I remember watching this jewel a long time ago, and I recently saw it again, on some local TV station, which reminded me of a great suggestion for the weekend ahead. This is a drama / thriller / crime, with an unusual role for an actor that we were used to see in comedies. Even tho the movie might look sort of ‘outdated’ with its 90’s VHS quality, the story and the twists are pretty worth watching.

A death row inmate is executed in the electric chair for having killed several women, but due to lightning striking a transformer at the moment of execution, he survives. But now he has become a changed man and the female criminal Psychiatrist attributes it to the electrocution wiping out certain brain cells. However, as soon as he’s well, they plan to electrocute him again, but…
Starring: Randy Quaid, Embeth Davidtz, Jack Coleman
Directed by: Kevin Dowling

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