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April 8, 2016

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

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Yet another very, very underrated and probably overlooked movie, that I was very exited and thrilled when I saw it, so I suggest strongly for the weekend ahead of us.
What would you do and how would you react in a situation when a horrible crime happens in front of you, a horrible crime that you witness with your very own eyes, a crime that takes upon your very closest and most loved ones, but you are unable to prevent it and later on the justice system works in a direction that can be clearly stated as ‘unjustified’? I was far away from aware of what was yet to come, and how the plot would unwind, so in case you’ve missed on this master piece, well, you may catch up on it this weekend. Heads up, this movie contains few scenes that might disturb minor audience.

In 1999, in a violent home invasion, engineer Clyde Shelton is forced to witness the a horrible crime committed by Clarence James Darby and his unwilling accomplice Rupert Ames. Prosecutor Nick Rice is unable to use DNA evidence to securely convict both accused, leading to a possibility that he might lose the case should he support Shelton. Unwilling to take a chance on lowering his 96% conviction rate and stain his public image, he chooses to make a deal with Darby, letting him plead guilty to a lesser charge, in return for testifying against Ames. Ames is falsely found guilty of masterminding the break-in and personally committing both murders and is sentenced to death, but…
Starring: Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Christian Stolte
Director: F. Gary Gray
(trailer ahead may contain spoilers)

This movie had 5 nominations and won 2 awards. Among the awards were:
ASCAP Award in 2011 for Top Box Office Films, at ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards in 2011,
ASCAP Award in 2010 for Top Box Office Films, at ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards in 2010,

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