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July 25, 2016

Lifehack – How To Cool Your Vehicle In Just 10 Seconds

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Since it is in fact, the middle of the summer, and the heat can be really unbearable, we have a trick you can use in order to reduce the temperature inside your car, van, SUV or whatever you’re driving in a matter of seconds. This simple trick will drastically reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and it won’t cost a dime.
This is a step by step guide of how to do it:
1) Open the window of the drivers door.
2) Open and close the door of the side of the co-driver few times, creating draft that will blow all the hot air outside.
The creators of this video claim that this process will reduce the temperature inside the vehicle for 10 degrees in Celsius, or 50 degrees in Fahrenheit.
Now, this advice does come from Japan, so you probably won’t understand a single word from what they are saying, but, since it is a video after all, you won’t be needing words – all you need to do is watch.
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