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July 21, 2016

Meteorite Gun Worth $4.5 Million Dollars

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Maybe the Cabot company is not world renown right now, but soon that might change. This company possesses a great talent of design when it comes to guns as we’ve never seen before, but this one is just like right out of a sci-fi movie.
Big Bang Pisto Set is made of an actual space rock, and it is designed with an incredible and precise mechanic, which completely justifies the $4.5 million dollars price of this piece.

This modern weapon made of meteorite was offered on an auction last month, and the potential buyer was offered an incredible style, out of time value and an unique feeling of innovation.
This unique gun presents parts of oxidized iron, which reveals the year of the meteor from which it was made. The exposed parts were created as a result of a rapid heating, cooling, spreading and gathering during the period of billion years, which means the engineers of the Cabot company, had completely to scan and shape the rock, before they started the process of creating of this exquisite piece we see.

Big Bang is without a doubt a master piece, and there are only two of these, but completely different models, which gives them even greater exclusivity.

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