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July 6, 2016

New Type Of Wheels That Will Make Parallel Parking Very Easy

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There is a new set of wheels with rotating surface, (a sort of a ‘wreight’ type steepled), which means they can move the vehicle around even tho it stands still. Imagine now using this for parallel parking? While the surface of these prototype tires appear slippery and useless on the road, the man that created them claims that they can have the same constructional characteristics (tread patterns, rubber components etc,)  just as the regular tires.
An interesting fact is that the wheels are elements of regular Toyota Echo and there was no need of their modification.

This truly looks like a cool concept, but we would really want to know how much would they weight – considering that the steepled, might be pretty heavy, considering the non-elastic material.
William Liddiard, the inventor of these wheels, calls these “proofs of concept prototypes”, so it will be interesting to see how will he develop this idea.
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