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March 4, 2016

Newest Maserati Monster From Geneva Motor Show 2016

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Motorcycles, no matter the class, always attract attention. Sport, cross or choppers, they’re all awesome in their own way, but the newest  Maserati Lazareth LM 847, is just way off anything we’ve ever known about bikes – it’s a completely different entity. Oh, and did I mentioned the 2 pairs of 2 wheels (front and back each) which makes it total of 4 wheels overall?

This monster runs on a V8 4,7L Maserati 32-valve engine that produces mind spinning 470 HP @ 7,000 rpm and has a 620 Nm of torque @ 4,750 rpm! ….and it weights “only” 400kg.
In terms of transmission, LM 847 has a single-speed gearbox with a hydraulic coupler and a duel chain final drive, meaning the bike requires zero shifting while in use.

It’s available now with its price at $217.000 so yeah, your death wish can come true.

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