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April 21, 2016

Next MacBook Will Probably Come With Touch-Screen Keyboard?

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The newly discovered Apple patent may bring an end to the physical keyboards when it comes to the future lap tops of this company.

Its called Zero Travel, and the patent has as goal to transform the current physical keyboard into flat surface, meaning the typing will be used as the everyday touch screens. The patent will be using typical haptic interaction as a way to “tell you” if you pressed the desired button.
Apple also imagined 10 numerical buttons which would appear aside the displayed track pad. Conceptually, they will be used in many different ways, as well as by the other developers.

There is a huge benefit and this design offers many possibilities. For example, transferring from the conventional keyboard to a huge track pad, in order much more easier to edit some photo.
You will be able to edit the shape and the setups of the keyboard, as well as the haptic interaction connection. This concept will have the highest level of customization and personalization than ever, on any former known laptop.

But, we must remind that we’re still talking about a patent here, that is intensively being work on, by the best engineers of this company. There for, you shouldn’t expect this tech on the next Apple’s MacBook.
The introduction of this type of a keyboard, will not only mean an end to the standard physical keyboards, but if patent Zero Travel, is be implemented as intended, it will change the dimensions of the future Apple’s laptops on a big scale, meaning they will be way more thinner.

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