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April 5, 2017

No more cracked smartphone screens!

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A new material has been discovered and has ‘wolverine’ ability — it can regenerate all scratches and cracks within 24 hours. The scientists from the University of California in Riverside have discovered a material that corrects the scratches and damaging of the screen, on top being transparent and see-through, makes it perfect for making smartphone screens.
Having your screen crack, is the biggest fear an owner of an expencive smartphone can have, and the deep scratches being second one. This new material could easily fix this, by ‘selfrepairing’ it within 24 hour period.

This material is made of streach, synthetic polymer and crystals whose parts are connected by a ion-dipole force. When the material is broken, scratched or damaged in any way, the ions and molecules attract each other and reconnect. The leader of the team dr. Wang Chao, can see this material being used when making smartphones as a regular material by 2020.
“The selfrepairing material might look far away from the actuallusage, but I believe that in a very short period of time it will find its place in the cell phone industry. In three years, more and more selfrepairing products will appear on the market and they will change our lives”, said Wang.

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