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June 29, 2016

RearVision: „Smart" Licence Plate That Will Destroy The Parking Sensors

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Former engineers of Apple, based a new company and presented their first device that aims to make traffic safety better, as well as making the parking easier. Three of Apple’s former engineers, decided that their company should target technology and gadgets that will be used in the cars.
From the total number of 70 employees, 50 used to work for Apple, and this team recently presented it’s first product that will make it’s appearance in September. It is a licence plate frame containing two HD waterproof cameras which will be connected to the smartphone of the driver via special gadget, so that the driver can receive a “view” behind the vehicle.

From the company they say that, their invention will kill the parking sensors which are additionally installed on the cars that aren’t manufactured with. This “smart plate” well, “smart frame” I can freely say, can be installed in just a few minutes. All it takes is a few screws.
Along the RearVision frame, the package contains a special magnet frame, which is placed inside the car, so you can place your phone on, and ‘stream’ the view of the rear cameras. In case the driver gets too close to another car while parking, the system with visual and sound signals will warn the driver.

In order to protect the owners of case of theft of this gadget, it can be as easily detached from the licence plate, but even in a case if anyone is to steal it, he won’t be able to use it, because the cameras would work only with the special gadget that will be inside the car.
The price of the RearVission is $499 U.S dollars, and from the company say that they plan to bring new and exciting gadgets for the cars in the future.
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