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May 2, 2016

Revolutional Project: They Made A Spacecraft That Will Connect The Earth To The Nearest Star

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The Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner and the British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking revealed that they plan to connect the nearest star and the Earth with a small spacecraft powered by a powerful laser.
Their idea is the “Starchip” spacecraft, that weights only a few grams, and it will travel at 20% of the speed of light. It will be thrust-ed by a Earth laser, so that it will bombard it’s core’s from a few square meters.
At the speed of 60.000 kilometers a second, the spacecraft should reach the closest star cluster “Alpha Cenaturi”, in 20 years.
Yuri Milner, is famous by investing in several start-ups, especially Facebook, by investing $100 million U.S. dollars for this “Breakthrough Starshot” project, was announced on a press conference in New York.
Milner said that he will invest the starting $100 million U.S. dollars, but later on he will also look for other sponsors.
The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is also in the board of directors of the research project, and the science community is also expected to be included, and all the results will be available to the public.
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