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April 26, 2016

The Scientists Explain The Incredible Voice Of Freddie Mercury

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A group of scientists have proved the vocal talent of the front man of Queen, Freddie Mercury.
A large number of rock critics and music fans agree the claim that Freddie Mercury had a God given music talent. That is now confirmed with the science study of his voice.

A group of Austrian, Czech and Swedish scientists, made a research that was published in Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology. They failed to prove if Mercury was able to sing entire four octaves, but they did managed to prove a lot of other interesting facts. For starters they’ve discovered that the famous singer was a baritone, even tho he was considered a tenor. This conclusion was argumented based on the analysis of six interviews from which they discovered that he spoke on frequency of 117,3 Hz.
There is an anecdote that once Mercury refused an opera duet because he feared that his fans will not recognize his baritone.

Its indisputable that to the scientists of this type it is relatively uncomfortable to make conclusions without the testing of the living subject. That’s why this group of scientists decided to ask professional rock singer to try and imitate the voice of Freddie Mercury. They detailly recorded his throat to find out how did the front-man of Queen created those cult tones.
They discovered that he was using a special way of singing, that most of the people never stress their vocal cords. The only people in the world who sing like that as well are the people of the Russian’s Federation Republic of Tuva, located at the most southern part of Siberia.

It is reviled that the vocal cords of Freddie were vibrating much faster than other people. While the typical vibrato is between 5,4 to 6,9 Hz, the one that Freddie had was 7,04 Hz. What does that mean? lets assume that the perfect sinusoidal of the vibrato is 1. The one that got closest ever was the famous opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. Freddie Mercury reached avarage value of 0.57, which means that his throat was creating voice that even Pavarotti couldn’t do.

Conclusion is clear: Freddie Mercury had a voice like no one else in the history of Rock ‘n Roll, and thanks to that voice he became the legendary singer of all times.

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