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September 21, 2016

Sensational Discovery: An Actual Recorded Conversation Between Dolphins

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After decades of research of these wonderful sea mammals, the scientists managed to record a conversation between dolphins and by that to confirm their superior intelligence. It was recorded that one pair of these sea mammals were sending short and sharp sounds and vibrations to form ‘words’ which in theory means that they tried to put a sentence together in order to communicate with one another.

The big turn of the events in this field of research, which was published in the „Mathematics and Physics“ magazine, happened when the scientists developed an underwater microphone, designed to record changes. During the research the two dolphins Yasha and Yana were monitored, and all along was waited for the sentences to be formed before they were ‘pronounced’. This language shows all the characteristics that are present in the human spoken language, which points to a high level of intelligence and consciousness among the dolphins. The image below shows the groups of pulsed clicks produced by Yana (down arrows) and Yasha (up arrows) during their conversation.

Dolphins have larger in size, brain than a lot of other mammals, and the idea that the dolphins posses a superior intelligence was developed by the neurologist John C. Lilly  in the 1950. After few experiments, Lilly was convinced that dolphins have the ability for speech as humans and tried to make contact with these sea mammals.
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