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September 1, 2016

Smartphones Will Snapshot Thieves And "Take" Fingerprints

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In case of theft, the future iPhones could make a snapshot of the thieves with the frontal camera, as well as take fingerprint, and send that data to iCloud. In case of the phone being stolen or lost, the owners that previously have activated the mentioned options, could locate their devices, find the thieves, and if they have some important content on the phone – delete it via their computer.
Apple recently registered their newest patent, which in case of being implemented in the newest devices, in the future could really help of catching the thieves. Its a matter of a pretty simple and excellent solution, on Apple Insider they say, with a notion that the legality of this method is put under question mark.

According to this patent, the iPhone and the iPad in case of ‘suspicious’ use of the device, that will detect that it’s not the rightful owner, but someone else, through Touch ID will register the fingerprints and make a snapshot of the user via the frontal camera.
With the upload of this data to the Apple’s iCloud, the true owner of the phone will have the photograph and fingerprints of the thieve and can report to the police right away.
And as for the method of ‘detecting’ the rightful owner, besides the wrong password, it will also include ‘studying’ by the iPhone which during the time, it will memorize the usage habits of the rightful owner. If the iPhone ‘detects’ that someone else is using the phone, will activate the security protocol and without the knowledge of the user of the phone will take the necessary identification data (fingerprints and a snapshot).

And of course, considering the fact that the rightful owner now already has the possibility to block the phone from a computer and delete it’s content, via iCloud can also activate the safety protocol and publish the fingerprints and the photo of the person that is using the device. But, since this patent is just recently registered, we shouldn’t expect that this option will be implemented in the Apple devices soon, but in some future models.
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