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March 3, 2016

Splendid Tilt-shift Photography

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Some while ago we’ve featured great examples of tilt-shift photography and today we’re featuring more, splendid pictures showing this beautiful technique. I love the way it looks like tiny models, or even like games like Sim City or Cities: Skylines.
Below you can see some of the best tilt-shift photographs around, done by some really talented people.
Austin Capitol building aerial tilt shift
Tiny NSW
Kiribilli tilt shift
Tilt Shift Machu 4 72dpi
fake tilt-shift
Tiny pyramids
A Little Old Friend
20140106_F0001: Lots of BA planes in the view again
Porto de Galinhas - Nadando em águas cristalinas (falso Tilt-Shift)
Miniature Dubai Mall Entrance
Church tiltshift
Train Set
Miniature Kids on Soccer Field

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