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August 22, 2016

Steve Jobs Wooden Prototype Computer 'Apple-I' On Sale

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The Apple fans, especially the ones that look after rarity pieces of hardware,  are ready to pay true fortune for this computer in particular. The Apple devices for years, decades even, for many people present overpriced “snob toys” that absolutely aren’t  worth the price that Cupertino giant sells them for. Truth to be told, of course is totally different, because Apple does in deed make a high quality products, but when something like this happens, the collectors with the deepest pockets are hoping that they will have the highest auction bid.

Still, there is a different world that most of us can’t even possibly imagine, and in that world this kind of computers are a matter of prestige for the collectors, just as much as all the pieces of art are a matter of prestige for those who prefer art over technology. We are talking about a Apple-I computer that is being presented at the Charity Buzz auction house, and this isn’t just any Apple-I computer, as they claim this is THE prototype that was made in the mythical garage of Apple’s founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs.

This claim is also confirmed by Steve Wozniak, who for the american media said that this piece of Apple-I computer was never before offered on sale. The owner who put the Apple-I computer on the auction with all the documentation, wished to remain anonymous. The current offer at the auction for the Apple-I computer is $270.000 american dollars, but it is estimated that the price of this computer, in the next few days, could reach up to $1.000.000 american dollars.
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