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September 7, 2016

The First Bentley With Diesel Engine

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Yes, it happened. The British super car manufacturer made it’s first diesel engine model. Bentayga is the first Bentley model which has diesel engine. As far as we’ve learned this one has a 4000 cc. In fact, Bentley did not developed it’s own engine, but instead it borrowed the technology from Audi SQ7. As such, it reaches 429 horsepower with a turbo injection. Probably, Bently will increase the exit power to justify the price.

Why diesel? Well, the diesel engine has few more advantages over the petrol. Lesser CO2 emission, less fuel consumption, longer distance with same fuel tank, which will mean that there’s no need to increase the fuel tank. Also the traction power in diesel engines is significantly greater in the lower revs, which is pretty important in larger vehicles. After all, we know the Audi AQ7 performance, so we shouldn’t be disappointed.

Aside the exhaust system, you can barely notice any other difference. We are expecting more info during October this year, during the expo in Paris. By the way, Bentley has also developed an Apple smartwatch app, which you can use to control vehicle parameters.

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