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February 24, 2017

The Hardlight VR Suit will vibrate all of your bodily buttons

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Have you ever wanted to feel smack of the punches coming at you from sweaty aliens? The whang of bullet hitting your guts? The feeling of hitting the deck as pirates stream over the virtual bow? The subtle vibration of the VR sexual encounter with a many-tentacled sex robot? Well here we go. The Hardlight VR Suit is ready to please.

This vest contains multiple vibrational elements and can add an extra kick as you play VR games. It has 16 vibrational nodes and haptic sensors and is completely sweat proof so you can work up a lather kicking alien butt.

The system works with VR systems or standard PC games. To use it you simply plug in the $449 unit and start gaming. Some games are already pre-programmed to respond to the suit and others simply add a small layer of realism to your VR adventures. There are chest and arm motors and the system can fit almost any body type.

The suit will ship in September 2017 and they’re already halfway through their funding. There are a number of games already designed for the platform.

While systems like the Hardlight VR are pretty niche right now – I doubt very many have VR goggles let alone the need to feel the gentle caress of a Sylvan Elf or the bite of his cleaving sword – it’s cool to know soon we’ll all be encased in what looks like dirt bike armor as we flail around our living rooms dodging war hammers and drone fire.

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