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February 13, 2017

The Man Who Got The Best Job In The World As An Isle Guard Is Now Payed To Travel The World

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Ben Southall, from Hampshire became an guard of the Hamilton Island back in 2009, after winning the competition for the job oppening position. He spent six months writing blogs and making videos about his experience on the Great coral riff. After his contract expired, along with his wife Sophee, they’ve got a job with tourist boards from Australia and New Zeland, so now they can travel with a full time job all around the world and document their adventures on their blog – The Best Life In The World.
The couple finished the challenge – to visit the most beautiful places in the world, including Tasmania and the 54.000 miles long journey from Singapore to London in a Land Rover.
Ben says: “Life is really cool when you can work and travel with your loved one but it gets even better when you can add a few challenges ahead. The gains are, you can enjoy while you work and you don’t have a single identical day while doing so, it is never monotonous, and for the entire time you have a chance to see the most beautiful places in the world.”
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