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April 3, 2017

The next generation of RAM memory will double up the current speeds

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The RAM memory is certainly one of the fundamental pieces for a faster processing computer, so therefore there are more and more new solutions.
The RAM memory (Random Access Memory) is one of the key components for a quality, and mosre importantly, fast computer. At the present time, the latest standard is the DDR4 RAM memory whose development ended in 2012, but it’s true swing and expansion took place three years later.
Many people at that time were discontented, because it took too long for the DDR4 RAM to show up on the market, and by the time that happened – the DDR5 RAM is at the doorstep.
JEDEC is the organization that does the computing memory standardization and that is where we got this information from.

The ordinary user will surely be most interested the difference of the speed rate with the actual DDR4 standard and here we also have good news. As is it announced by JEDEC, the DDR5 will increase the speeds by double comparing to the current ones.
But, the DDR5  standard will be finalized in 2018, and in production in 2020, because by that time it is expected from all the memory manufacturers for be ready for the changes.
This also means that the new RAM standard will make other changes in the computing industry, because all the other components will have to ‘match’ the new standard so that everything will work as intended.

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