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February 18, 2017

The Power Of A Child’s Imagination

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The older generations, you know the ones before this digital age of smart phones, virtual reality and internet, very nostalgically remember the best toy we ever had – our imagination. That powerful tool that created dungeons, jungles, wild west, space and planets, racing tracks and what not. The worst thing that could happen to you was to get grounded and stay INSIDE your home. Because, everything was happening outside. You could’ve been a cowboy or an indian, cop or a robber, a knight, an astronaut – litteraly anything you could imagine. What we needed was old googles, or a paper hat, a blanket or a scarf. You remember that “The floor is a lava, lol” joke? That’s exactly what i’m talking about.

I see all this modern technology today and it is as bad as is it good.

But, the reason why I’m writing this post is my recent descovery of an artist named Craig Davison, who reminded me of what a child used to be. All the fun time we had, all the running and falling and getting up again. The scratched knees from the grass and sidewalks and diversity of games we played. Too bad that time ain’t comming back, but we still have that ‘thing’ that we can use and send us back by just closing our eyes – the imagination.

I hope you enjoy!

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