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April 30, 2017

This is NOT CGI

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Ink floating in water is one of the most hypnotizing things to watch. It’s a favorite subject of many photographers and videographers, and guys from Macro Room have raised it to a new level. They have created a video using a fish tank with water, some ink and a couple of objects. And they did such a great job, it will be hard to believe there aren’t any computer generated effects. There’s no CGI, only the mesmerizing dance of ink with different elements in water. Three minutes seem like a fair time for a video, but when it ends, you’ll wish it lasted longer.


I like the point from Gizmodo’s article, that whenever we see something extraordinary, it’s easy to assume it was computer generated. Indeed, I guess we are so accustomed to CGI, that it becomes our first thought before practical effects.
However, there are still some of the videographers and photographers who rely on practical effects rather than computer generated ones. Even the director of Rogue One went back to Star Wars’ practical effects roots. Sometimes, it takes super-fancy gear to get the desired result, but you still achieve everything with real life objects. And other times, even the more modest equipment, a good idea, and skills lead to the mesmerizing result like this video from Macro Room.

I found this video inspiring and beautiful. I love the idea that, even with ordinary gear and some practical effects, you can get an amazing result like this. After you’ve seen it, do you also wish it lasted longer?
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