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June 13, 2016

THOR – Build Your Own Phone!

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The smartphone market is saturated with hundreds of designs, each with its own unique set of features. Even those dedicated to a specific brand occasionally finding themselves green with envy over another’s wireless charging, sexy shape or another feature they wish they had! The solution? THOR! A smartphone in which users can change each and every component.

Its wide range of modules provide almost endless possibilities for customization even down to the location/type of camera units to the USB model to the screen shape! Like your own high-tech DIY project, bring all your favorite components together and assemble for a design that’s all your own. It’s one thing to choose a color and size that suits your individual taste and something else to choose EVERYTHING inside and out!

With  T H O R, users will be able to change each and every component with a wide range of modules  which will eventually give almost endless possibilities. Modules can be easily removed by pulling a small lever which is located on the side, so when you remove a module, all you have to do is simply pop another one instead. You can Add, Swap, Bestow or Sell ( reduce electronic waste ) and then buy some new crucial components like: RAM, CPU, GPU, ROM and even add a Fingerprint Scanner at the back of the device.

There are several size shapes that you can choose from: Mini Tower, Mid Tower & Big Tower and they’re different in size. The Mini Tower comes with a 4.7-inch display, the Mid Tower with a 5-inch display, the Big Tower features a 5.5-inch display and there is also other options, like a 6-inch display or even bigger.

Both front and back ( Top and Bottom Parts ) are replaceable, with varieties of different and some new Designs, Shapes, Styles and Colors. Replacement Parts are available in Plastic, Metal, Glassand other Materials with many different Textures.
Front Camera can be chosen as 2MP, 5MP or 8MP + and Rear Camera can be chosen as 5MP, 8MP, 16MP, 21MP, 26MP + and also there is an option with a Dual Camera.
Yes  T H O R  is a combination between and inspired by  ZTE’s Eco-Mobius concept and Google’s Project Ara, but in the other hand T H O R  is very unique in it’s own way because it has so much more to offer, so many different options and possibilities. T H O R  is a device that can be easily disassembled and put together with parts, combined to the users taste, it is indication of different combos that all users can have. You can customize Your Smartphone the way you always wanted with no restrictions.

The Freedom of choosing both Front and Back parts of the phone with several different Shapes +the new ones, left out from the images shown. Fingerprint Scanner, Physical Home Button or Capacitive Buttons with different icons is all up to users to choose. The users can even opt for aClassic screen, 2.5D screen or Curved screen and choose the quality of Back Cover from a wide variety of Textures, Colors, Designs and different Materials.
With  T H O R  you won’t have to worry much if you accidentally drop it or fear it will break into pieces and you won’t even have to fear losing a module.  Metal connectors, Slide-in Rails and a good number of Bolts are what makes sure that the different components will find their place secured. Project  T H O R  is all about Safety, Freedom of Choice and Personal Taste for Everyone.

The thought, that you are constrained when purchasing a new smartphone that you don’t like something about it, for example some small detail, some part of it or you just wish it was just a bit different in some way.
Well  with  T H O R  there is no restrictions, you can build your own smartphone how you like it and only how you like it. It’s fully  Upgradeable, Customizable, Repareable and Replaceable and there are endless possibilities and limitless options.

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