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April 2, 2016

Toyota Patented The New HUD System

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Toyota successfully patented the next-gen HUD system, a transparent screen placed in front of the driver, that originates from the military airplanes.

The Toyota’s new HUD system, adjusts it’s angle according the driving and the position of the driver.
It differs from the standard HUD systems that are set at a fixed height, angle and position, so the new system should adjust in real time according the head of the driver so that ensures optimal visibility at any given time.

The data from the central computer, the frontal camera as well as the side cameras that are recording the interior of the vehicle, will adjust the position of the screen, provided by the system, with information depending the current parameters, such as, the way of the driving.

With increasing the speed of the vehicle, the numbers will decrease and the distance will be determined, in real time will be displayed the position of the vehicle along with the other vehicles in the traffic lane.

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