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March 11, 2016

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

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The aim for these movie reviews are titles that are overlooked but damn worth watching, and for this weekend my suggestion for a movie to watch goes to “Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)”. This dark humor comedy, has an original way of twisting the point of view, and that is what it makes it so darn good. It starts as a typical horror movie until the plot starts to unwind. And don’t you worry folks, you won’t find a single spoiler in these recensions.

Tucker and Dale are two best friends on vacation at their dilapidated mountain house, who are mistaken for murderous backwoods hillbillies by a group of obnoxious, preppy college kids. When one of the students gets separated from her friends, the boys try to lend a hand, but as the misunderstanding grows, so does the body count…
Starring: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden, Jesse Moss.
Director: Drew Goddard.

This movie had 13 nominations and won 9 awards. Among the awards were:
Chainsaw Award in 2012 for Best Limited-Release / Direct-to-Video Film and Best Screenplay, at Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2012.
Fright Meter Award in 2011 for Best Supporting Actor to Jesse Moss and Best Screenplay to Eli Craig and Morgan Jurgenson, at Fright Meter Awards 2011.
AMPIA Award in 2010 for Best Feature Film, at AMPIA Awards 2010.

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