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June 21, 2016

Waterproof Smart Phones – Why Are They Rare?

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There are too many smart phones out there on the market, but only hand full of them are waterproof. With the technology today it would be logical that all the devices are waterproof? And yet they are not. On the question why is it that some companies avoid making these smart phones, the founder Xiaomi tried to give an answer.

Yes, at the moment, only Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are the only waterproof premium smart phones, made by Samsung. Aside Samsung smart phones, there are Xperia Z series from Sony, (even tho it was a kind of a surprise when they advised their users that, even tho their phones are waterproof, it would be wise not to use them under water?!), and the manufacturers like Motorola and HTC put a certain water protection, but that does not make their phones completely waterproof.
One of the main reasons is that even the slightest damage of the device, could make an impact on the waterproof protection.

Besides that, making a waterproof smart phone costs more. From the Xiaomi company, they say that Xiaomi could start thinking of manufacturing these waterproof smartphones if the clients are ready to pay 20%~30% higher sum of money for the smart phone, as much as the production would really cost.

Until that happens, the users of the non waterproof devices will have to avoid the use of their phones and gadgets in the rain.

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