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August 2, 2016

When The Dark Falls, A Beautiful Magic Begins

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The local authorities cut down the fir and pine trees from this forest, to sell so that they can solve the poverty problem that they were facing, and that is when the fireflies showed up.
In the Nanacamilpa village, Mexico City once the night falls, an incredible spectacle happens. Thousands of fireflies make this forest turn into a fairy tale, and that is one of the reasons more and more tourists come to visit this place each passing day.

Since 1990, Genaro Rueda Lopez came up with an idea that the village should start making money from camping. These glowing insects attracted a large number of tourists that wished to spend the night in the forest. But the business was running slow for years, and then in 2011, members of the local community realized that in the period of June and August, is the time when there are the most of the fireflies and that is the exact period when they need to focus on when attracting largest number of tourists.

Five years later, the entire camping area is booked for months in advance, as well as the other attraction that this beautiful forest has to offer.


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