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March 6, 2016

Will Draw For RP

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Many, many years ago, (well, 7 years, to be more precise…) Riot Games, was just a small video game company, with big enthusiasm and has just released, today’s very popular video game League of Legends. And of course as all beginnings are, their wasn’t easy as well. The game had it’s own hiccups that the game designers and server technicians had to work hard on. (Yeah, it’s true, we have a proof!! )
Riot’s system for micro transactions is based on Riot Points – RP, so in order to buy anything from their store, players needed first to exchange real valid currency into RP’s. But the prices aren’t always flat, so in order to spent your remaining RP’s, often you’re just a *few RP’s short*. At some point, the players started a small “trading” business for a one time few RP’s, with the Riot Support Team, but that was supposed to remain a hush~hush secret. And as it always turns out with celebrities getting their nude photos (that, yeah, are also suppose to remain a secret) revealed, the formula applies here too: If it is on the internet – oh, it’s gonna spread like a wildfire. The players started sending Riot Games drawings, with messages like *Rito plz RP*, or *I kan’t draw, bat pliz take*. And they weren’t just any drawings either; drawings contained sad sad Amumu eyes faces, in MS Paint!

What players didn’t knew was that, as the years passed by, Riot’s gallery grew bigger and bigger, because after all these years, Riot kept each and every drawing! It became a sort of a spontaneous Riot tradition. Riot, as a gratitude made an gallery event on which they presented hundreds of the drawings they’ve received over the years, and shared the experience with their community.


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