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March 22, 2017

You are going to love the Google Maps new feature

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The latest version of Google Maps (only on Android smartphones at the moment), could help you avoid a problem that you’ve probably faced by now. Each of us has probably parked their vehicle on the parking lot at the mall or otherwise, but you couldn’t remember where you’ve left it, on your way back.
The newest version of Google Maps, could help you avoid this ‘problem’, but for the moment this option is only available on the Android OS smartphones.
Google allows you to mark the spot on the map of your vehicle in the lastest Google Maps version, so using the smartphone app later on, to lead you to the spot.

Using this app will require you to touch the blue dot that marks your location at the moment, followed by the “Save your parking” option.
But that’s not all — Google Maps will also remind you of your parking meter. That means that if you payed for one hour of parking time, the app will warn you when your time is about to expire and also suggest you to send another text message in order to continue your time if you will.
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