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August 4, 2016

iPhone's 'Home' Button Goes In History

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The newest iPhone in September could surprise us with something that nobody expected — the ‘Home’ button, as we know it, goes in history.
According to few specialized portals, one of the biggest news is that the ‘Home’ button of the new iPhone 7 will be replaced with a ‘flat’ part of the screen that won’t be mechanical as we all know it.
The newest technology of this button apparently will be based on many sensors under the ‘replacement’ area and it will generate vibration as an answer of the accepted command. After many rumors, as the one that according to which the new iPhone will replace the ‘Home’ button as a redesign, and it should be integrated inside the screen itself, and we can all agree that this solution is most logical.

The new ‘Home’ button on the iPhone 7 would probably have 3D Touch technology, which is a logical expansion after the introducing that same technology on the screen itself. We are talking about a technology that recognizes the difference of the finger pressure on the screen, and there fore the difference of the pressure, a different option execution is preformed during operating the applications.
MacBook’s Force Touch technology is very similar to this one, and it allows computers a completely new and different user experience when pressing the track-pad. The track-pad, as a ‘response’ of the pressure, using Taptic Engine, answers with a short vibration, instead of being mechanically pressed as at any other laptop computers.

Aside the ergonomically new improvements, according the latest rumors, the new iPhone could appear in Space Black version, but the speculations also say that there is a dark blue color option.

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