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June 5, 2016

"This Is Just The Beginning Of An Golden Era"

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The era of smart voice assistants that will work on artificial intelligence is yet to come, and in the future they will have a great influence in our lives. Imagine ‘Jarvis’ from Iron man, become the real deal.
“In the next 20 years, the voice assistants will have a huge influence in our lives and this today is just the beginning of an golden era,” Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, on Code Conference said.
One of the most interesting products of this company sure is the smart speaker Echo which is voice commanded and works as an assistant based on artificial intelligence. Amazon is developing this artificial intelligence technology for four years, and even now people start to realize the potential of this device through which you can order food, play music on your audio device, add reminders, etc.



Bezos mentioned that on the accelerated development of the artificial intelligence, the new and fast algorithms will have a big influence, as well as the more powerful computers and big amounts of data that are currently used by the voice assistants.
Besides Amazon, other companies are investing big amounts of resources in the artificial intelligence development. Its interesting to mention that recently and expert from Apple said that they could end up as BlackBerry, because the American technological giant for the moment is not investing enough resources in the development of the artificial intelligence.



Never the less, that is not likely to happen, but when we are talking about smart speakers, recently an information came out that Apple is developing a smart speaker, an voice assistant if you will, similar to Amazon’s Echo, which should be an advanced version of the already popular Siri.
Well this type of devices in the near future will allow us, with just few words, to turn off the lights, order a pizza, control the TV and what not.
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