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May 19, 2016

NOKIA Is Coming Back!

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Nokia in the hands of Foxconn is coming back on the smart phone market – the Finnish company will try and reclaim the domination and the status it once had.
Microsoft decided to completely  “give up” from working with the Nokia smart phone department, so now, its all in the hands of Foxconn – HMD Global Oy company.
This information is on the Nokia official blog where also you can find “the answer to the question that everyone wants to know the answer for.”
From Nokia they say that HMD has rented the Nokia brand rights for use on period of 10 years in the area of smart phones and tablets, which means that very soon on the market there will be devices with the Nokia name, which at the time was a brand as Mercedes is in the automotive industry.



We can only guess that the newest Nokia devices will operate on Android OS, and from HMD say that for this project they have planned a $500 million dollars investment from marketing and development.
In order to preserve the name of the company, in the board of directors of the old-new Nokia, will be some of the old executives of the Finnish company who will be in charge of the supervision of the quality that they used to have by that very same name.



The manufacturing of the new devices of Nokia, will take place in the second company owned by Foxconn, named FIH Mobile. We should also point out that HMD has all the mobile patents as well, that so far were in property of Nokia, and the way things are going, in a year or two we can witness the newest attempt of Nokia to reclaim the smart phone market that once owned.


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