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March 4, 2017

Theory Came To Life: Superfast Computer Made Of DNA

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Scientists managed to use the DNA strain molecules and build a new, superfast computer which is capable to “grow as it computes”.
This experiment was the first one in the world that managed to prove the Non-deterministic Turing Machine (NUTM). Until now this kind of a computer existed only as a theory.
„Imagine the computer exploring a maze and reach a point of choice, one way leading left and the other to the right side“, explains Dr. Ross D. King, a Professor of Machine Intelligence in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester working at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology and Machine Learning and Optimisation (MLO) group.

„Electronic computers must choose which way to follow. But, our computer doesn’t have to choose, because it can replicate itself and follow both ways at the same time and that way it will reach the answer much faster.”, says Dr. King.
Unlike the “regular” computers that have a fixed numer of chips, the new NUTM device uses a DNA that can replicate. This computer does not need to be given operations, neither you need to comunicate with it. The DNA is programed in advance to execute an exponencional number of computer operations.

Quantum compurters and their quant bits also can generate simulated and divergent options, but they require a specific symmetry to work proporly, which limits their use and adaptability.
“As much as the DNA molecules are small, equally a desktop computer could potentially have more processors than all the computers of the world together and be stronger than currently fastest supercomputer in the world, while also spends a small part of his energy.”
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